Our Lab

All you need for Chemical Technology R&D

We have a fully equiped state-of-the-art laboratory for chemical technology R&D to our disposal. The lab is equiped with modern safety and ventilation measures to ensure safe and stable experimentation.

Procede has skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop at its disposal. Virtually any type of experimental set-up can be build custom made. This enables us to perform a broad range of tests and experimental research.

  • Experiments at high temperature and pressure
  • Experiments with poisonous and corrosive chemicals
  • Supercritical processes
  • Solvent characterization
  • Reaction kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Characterization of catalysts

Scale of experimentation is from ml to liter scale. For larger experiments we have our pilot plant facilities available.


Our lab 1

Our lab 2

Examples of research set-ups

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Fisher VLE

Absorption & Desorption

Absorption and desorption kinetics and VLE

Double cell

Kinetics and VLE at low vapour pressures

Low pressure kinetics & VLE

Intermediate pressure kinetics & VLE

High pressure kinetics & VLE

Dissociation constants

Vacuum distillation

CO2 capture pilot plant

Pilot plant facilities