Procede at a glance

About us

In 1993 Procede was founded as spin-off of Twente University to valorize chemical technology knowledge.

Over the years Procede developed to be a partner for industry to provide sustainable and economic viable chemical engineering solutions at a commercial base. Activities of Procede are aimed at cost reduction, increasing the efficiency of conversion processes, improving product quality and/or decreasing the use of raw materials.

Procede is partner for (multi-) national companies and SME's mainly in chemical industry, oil&gas industry and food industry, but also in metallurgic industry, textile industry, the power sector and engineering offices.
The people of Procede are skilled process engineers with a broad theoretical and practical experience. Procede couples expertness to excellent experimental facilities.

Procede has laboratories, skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop and glass-works at its disposal. Procede also has excellent computer facilities and access to an inexhaustible number of scientific literature sources as well as on-line documents.

Procede works on project basis and delivers tailor-made solutions within the agreed term and budget. We are bound to secrecy-clauses that we agreed on with our clients.

Thanks to agreements with a number of universities in The Netherlands and abroad renowned specialists supply even more expertness whenever needed. This close cooperation enables Procede to take up substantial product, process or reactor design projects with recognized professionals at relative low costs. If required, our people can service you at your location while receiving excellent and skilled support of Procede staff.