Oil&Gas Industry

Experts in gas treating

Procede has in-depth knowledge and specific expertise on treating of natural gas, biogas and flue gas.


  • Gas and flue gas treating
  • Process- and production diagnosis
  • Piloting and lab-scale testing
  • Separation technology

Specific expertise: Gas Treating using physical, chemical and hybrid solvents

  • Solvent characterization, development and modelling
  • Procede Process Simulator (PPS)
  • CO2, H2S, COS, Mercaptans
  • Determination of VLE-data, speciation, kinetics
  • Chemical enhancement factors
  • Diffusion coefficients

Gas treating papers

Procede has a long and extensive track record in gas treating, as is illustrated by our scientific publications over the years. You can find our scientific publications here.


Procede has laboratories, pilot plant facilities, skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop and glass-works at its disposal.


Lab & pilot plant facilities

CO2 capture in practice

Desulphurization of Biogas