Experimental Research

Excellent research facilities

Contract research may involve development of a new process or improvement of an existing process. In close co-operation with the client an experimental program is defined that will be carried out at location or in the laboratory of Procede.

Experimental expertise:

Procede has skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop at its disposal. Virtually any type of experimental set-up can be build custom made. This enables us to perform a broad range of tests and experimental research.

  • Experiments at high temperature and pressure
  • Experiments with poisonous and corrosive chemicals
  • Supercritical processes
  • Solvent characterization
  • Reaction kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Characterization of catalysts


Procede has laboratories, pilot plant facilities, skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop and glass-works at its disposal.

Procede also has excellent computer facilities and access to an inexhaustible number of scientific literature sources as well as on-line documents.

State-of-the-art lab facilities

Pilot plant facilities