Trouble shooting

Identify and implement measures

In consultation with our client the exact problem is identified, a solution strategy is formulated and executed. Laboratory tests or computer simulations help to find and implement the optimal solution.

Typical strategy

  • Evaluation of the overall process.
  • Identification of problem areas.
  • Selection of the most probable cause.
  • Performing laboratory tests or computer simulations.
  • Suggest improvements to the process.

Many troubleshooters forget to evaluate the overall process and directly focus on the area where the problem arises. This may, however, result in a temporary solution when the root cause of the problem lies elsewhere.

Procede employs a strategy that results in a good understanding of the process. This enables us to address the main problem from which all other problems in the process originate.


Procede has laboratories pilot plant facilities, skilled technicians and a well-equipped workshop and glass-works at its disposal.

Procede also has excellent computer facilities and access to an inexhaustible number of scientific literature sources as well as on-line documents.